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System Architecture
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The SEPTA (South Eastern Pennsylvania Transit Authority) configuration consists of hundreds of analog phone ECBs (Emergency Call Boxes) located at patron stations throughout Philadelphia that are connected to a Command Center via a Centrex phone system. At the Command Center, the calls are received by IP gateways and presented to robust VoIP EmVista Central servers. The servers connect incoming calls to Transit Police Agent Stations on the VoIP network. The Agent Stations have been personalized with response/disposition screens for ease of tracking calls.

An EmVista Maintenance Station is also a part of the Command Center, Server/Agent Station network. The Maintenance Station has special testing modules for the unique ECBs and provides scheduled testing capability with resultant reports.

Recently, SEPTA has upgraded the system to eliminate the Centrex connection link and extend the VoIP network out to each station. The ECBs remain the same but are connected directly to the network using IP gateways.

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