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System Architecture
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NCTD Sprinter
For Sprinter, Emcom Systems has provided the Authority’s newly built Light Rail System with a redundant, expandable, VoIP, EmVista Central, head-end system including 7 Emvista Agent Stations with audio interfaces and one EmVista Maintenance Station, all implemented by B&C Transit Consultants.

The EmVista Central System provides endpoint connections to analog Emergency Call Boxes through VoIP telephony gateways on the network. These Emergency Call Boxes are configured and tested through the EmVista Maintenance Station.

The system also provides endpoint connections to the Sprinter Radio System. Radio connections appear at authorized Agent Stations including radio voter results. At the Agent Station, automatic transmitter selection can be overridden by the Agent. The Agent can also create groups of unselected channels for background monitoring.

The EmVista Central System also includes an integrated interface to a B&C Transit Public.

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