For Clients:

100 % VoIP Stand Alone System


Remote monitoring via PTSN, PBX, or VoIP service

Provides for ease of future integration with network systems


Can integrate other IP devices if so desired , such as camera’s without a significant cost

Software head-end allows future upgrades for code compliance without the limitations of Analog or PBX


Ease of troubleshooting in the event of equipment failure, lowering the expense of service calls

For Installers: 


Master Station accommodates 1-50 end point phones


Endpoint phones can be powered via home run wiring

No Expansion boards to be installed as the system grows


Hard wired at phone location and/or daisy chained

Simple programing of Master Station and end points


Easy upgrade for replacement of existing AoR

Plug cables into non proprietary network switch with PoE


Simplified troubleshooting for service work

Installation time significantly reduced


IP system offering integration and installation flexibility

Plug and Play, walk away


Equipment costs are competitive with Analog systems

Emcom’s solutions bridge the gap between IP network technology and existing analog infrastructure.