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System Architecture
System Architecture
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EmVista Central

EmVista Central is a head-end voice communications system that manages and merges voice paths using VoIP. Radio, Telephone, Intercom or Public Address voice paths are connected, recorded and can be inspected at a later date. The software serves three main functions, described below.

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EmVista Central

The Servers

The Maintenance Station
The Agent Stations
The Servers, typically two for redundancy, contain the software engine that manages all communications on the network. The database for the system may reside on the servers or on a separate database server.

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The Maintenance Station provides the support interface for programming endpoint communication devices, setting up the communications structure and maintaining and testing the integrity of the system. The Maintenance Station can be located anywhere on the network.

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The Agent Stations provide the user interface for handling all communications that pass through the system. Agent Stations can be located anywhere on the network.

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The SA1010 audio interface may be added to increase agent audio options.

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