With Emcom’s EmVista Enterprise Edition and extensive arsenal of rugged phones, enclosures, and accessories, you get passenger assistance and airport personnel communications managed by a single system.

  • Emcom intercoms with blue light beacons route passenger calls to an information response team equipped with EmVista Agent Stations.
  • Emcom handset phones with video cameras and dial pads, located at access and egress points and other key security checkpoints, place audio/video calls to a security response team using EmVista Agent Stations integrated with access control, radio, and public address.

With EmVista you get:

  • All audio communications recorded from the moment of call initiation, with timestamp, for forensic support.
  • Constant monitoring of all equipment and instant problem identification.
  • A robust set of maintenance and management reports.

Solution Components:

  • Redundant EmVista Servers for failover protection
  • EmVista Maintenance Station for equipment diagnostics and programming
  • EmVista Agent Stations for audio and video communication
  • EmVista Report Viewer for system status and activity reports
  • Emcom IP60xx family of intercoms with Emcom A-Series beacons
  • Emcom IP6030 family of security phones
  • Emcom H-Series enclosures
  • Gateways for access to radio, public address, and PSTN

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