With Emcom’s EmVista Essential or Extended Editions and extensive collection of video-enabled phones, you get both a supportive patient monitoring and assistance alert system and a visitor security and information system, combined. Emcom Slimpoint intercoms call and are monitored by EmVista Satellite Stations at nursing stations and central security. Emcom intercoms with blue light beacons, located in parking structures and common areas, route calls to security and information response teams equipped with EmVista Satellite Stations or Agent Stations.

With EmVista you get:

  • All audio communications recorded from the moment of call initiation, with timestamp, for detailed incident management.
  • Companion video for situational awareness.
  • Constant monitoring of all equipment and instant problem identification.

Solution Components:

  • EmVista Master Station (Essential Edition) or redundant EmVista Servers (Extended Edition) for call management
  • EmVista Satellite Stations and/or Agent Stations for additional medical and security personnel
  • EmVista Maintenance Station (Extended Edition) for equipment diagnostics and programming
  • Emcom IP60xx family of intercoms with Emcom A-Series beacons for garage and common areas, with Emcom H-Series enclosures
  • Emcom Slimpoint intercoms for patient monitoring and communications, with optional housing specifically for psychiatric facilities
  • Gateway for access to the PSTN

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