With Emcom’s EmVista and extensive collection of rugged phones, enclosures, and accessories, you get a security and assistance communication network that’s seamlessly scalable, from a single parking structure to a multiple-structure system. Emcom Paladin blue light stations, with a special beacon clearly visible above vehicles in the garage, route calls to one or more attendants equipped with EmVista Satellite Stations. In large systems, calls cascade from one attendant to the next, in a preferred order, until finding one available.

With EmVista you get:

  • The ability to patch in 911 emergency services and other PSTN numbers.
  • The ability to patch in radio communications to security personnel (EmVista Enterprise Edition).
  • Companion video for situational awareness.
  • Constant monitoring of all equipment and instant problem identification.

Solution Components:

  • EmVista Master Station (Essential Edition) or redundant EmVista Servers (Extended and Enterprise Editions) for call management
  • EmVista Satellite Stations for additional attendants
  • EmVista Maintenance Station (Extended and Enterprise Editions) for equipment diagnostics and programming
  • Emcom Paladin blue light stations with projecting lens
  • Gateway for access to the PSTN
  • Gateways for communication with radio (EmVista Enterprise Edition)

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