Mass Transit

With Emcom’s EmVista Enterprise Edition and arsenal of rugged emergency intercoms and telephones, you get a combined passenger assistance and worker support communication network, leveraging Emcom’s more than 15 years’ experience building large-scale systems for the nation’s largest transit authorities.

  • Emcom’s dual pushbutton intercoms route calls to emergency response teams or information centers, depending on the button pushed.
  • Emcom’s rugged IP1300 phones provide communications in the tunnels and stairwells. Workers call by pushbutton, lifting the handset, or using the dial pad. Control center operators can call single phones or groups of phones, or broadcast messages to some or all of the phones’ speakers in a form of public address.

With EmVista you get:

  • Integration with legacy communications systems, such as existing analog intercoms and PBXs
  • All audio communications recorded from the moment of call initiation, with timestamp, for forensic support.
  • Constant monitoring of all equipment and instant problem identification.
  • A robust set of maintenance and management reports.

Solution Components:

  • Redundant EmVista Servers for failover protection
  • EmVista Maintenance Station for equipment diagnostics and programming
  • EmVista Agent Stations for audio and video communication
  • EmVista Report Viewer for system status and activity reports
  • Emcom IP60xx family of intercoms with Emcom A-Series beacons
  • Emcom IP1300 family of security phones
  • Emcom H-Series enclosures
  • Gateways for access to radio, public address, PSTN, and legacy equipment

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