Zero Fog Masks – FAQs

1. How do ZFOG’s work? How do they prevent fog? 

While wearing many masks, your breath escapes from the top of your mask towards your glasses. Because your lenses are a cooler temperature than your warm breath, this creates fog.  

ZFOG allows for a permanent customized fit at the top of the mask, across the nose to minimize the amount of breath that escapes upwards, resulting in little-to-no fog. The better the fit, the less fog. (Note: Entering a warm room from the cold outdoors can fog your glasses – ZFOG can’t fix this as it is not caused by wearing a mask.

2. How do I wash & dry my mask?

ZFOG’s can be machine washed on the cold-gentle setting.  Masks should be air-dried only. Do NOT machine dry as too much heat may cause the mask to become misshapen and/or damage the nose-bridge material.

3. How can ZFOG masks be custom-fitted? 

Our patent pending technology uses a biodegradable material that can be custom shaped when warm AND sets permanently into its new shape when cooled. (For instructions, see #4)

4. What are the instructions for the custom-fitting process? 


5. Can ZFOG’s become accidentally misshapen?

Subjecting your mask to heat, such as incorrectly washing and drying your mask (see #2), or leaving your mask on a car dashboard in the hot sun, may cause your ZFOG to lose its custom shape.

6. Can I reshape my ZFOG if it accidentally loses it’s custom-fit? 

The ZFOG mask can be reshaped by repeating the initial instructions. However, it may degrade the custom-fit technology.

7. Do I have to use a hairdryer to heat the mask when custom-fitting?

For safety purposes, use only a hairdryer to warm the mask for a maximum of 25-seconds.  There is a small amount of metal in the mask – DO NOT MICROWAVE. USE CAUTION: Do not overheat the mask. Make sure the mask is not too hot before pressing on your face. The Mask should be warm enough so that the nose-bridge is sufficiently malleable to be shaped to your face, yet cool enough as to not cause any sort of discomfort, harm, or injury.

8. Can I use my ZFOG over another mask? 

If you want to use your ZFOG mask over the top of another mask to increase fog reduction with another mask you can do so. Some people may choose to wear a ZFOG mask over their disposable medical type mask which will work to reduce fogging of glasses etc.

9. Where are Zero Fog Masks made?

New Jersey—and all materials are sourced in the USA. All manufacturing, assembly, and shipping is done right here in the Garden State!

10. What are Zero Fog Masks made of?

The outer lining is made from polyester and the inner lining is a soft polyester / cotton blend. ZFOGs use extra soft elastic for the ear loops and a soft silicone toggle so you can adjust the fit. The patent pending technology is in the biodegradable polymer we use for the nose bridge. (includes a small amount of metal wire)
All materials are sourced in the USA

11. What is the return policy for Zero Fog Masks?

Because of the personal nature of this product and required hygiene standards, all sales are FINAL. No returns or exchanges.

12. Is ZFOG a medical grade mask? 

Legal Disclaimer: Zero Fog Mask is not a professional medical device and should not be used as a replacement for approved personal protective equipment, such as surgical masks and respirators. No warranties, express or implied, are hereby given that this mask will prevent infection, the transmission of Covid-19 , or any other viruses or disease.

 WARNING: CHOKING HAZARD – This product contains small parts. Not for use by children 3-years and under. 

13. Are Zero Fog Masks suitable for small children?

Currently we only provide an adult sized mask although we plan to add a children’s size later.

Regardless you should note that:
Product contains small parts that may be hazardous to children. 
Masks are not suitable for use by children without adult supervision

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