Zero Fog Masks: Masks that don’t fog up your glasses!

What are Zero Fog Masks?

If you wear glasses, you know: wearing a mask with your glasses results in foggy glasses.

You can say goodbye to that issue as Zero Fog Masks are custom-fit masks that are designed to keep your lenses clear of fog.

Watch the video to the right to see Zero Fog Masks in action!

ZFOGs Come in Black or Blue!



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Legal disclaimer: This mask is not a professional medical device and should not be used as a replacement for approved personal protective equipment, such as surgical masks and respirators. Zero Fog Masks are biodegradable but do contain metal. Masks should be heated with a hair-dryer for a maximum of 25-seconds before molding. Do not heat masks in a microwave or with any device other than a hair-dryer. No warranties, express or implied, are hereby given that this mask will prevent infection, the transmission of Covid-19 , or any other viruses or diseases.