Zero Fog Masks

Introducing: Zero Fog Masks!

Glasses-wearers in the Covid-19 pandemic know all too well that wearing a mask with your glasses results in foggy glasses. You can say goodbye to that issue as Zero Fog Masks are custom-fit masks that are designed to keep your lenses clear of fog!

Legal disclaimer: This mask is not a professional medical device and should not be used as a replacement for approved personal protective equipment, such as surgical masks and respirators. Zero Fog Masks are biodegradable but do contain metal. Masks should be heated with a hair-dryer for a maximum of 25-seconds before molding. Do not heat masks in a microwave or with any device other than a hair-dryer. No warranties, express or implied, are hereby given that this mask will prevent infection, the transmission of Covid-19 , or any other viruses or diseases.

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