Area of Refuge

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About Emcom’s AoR System:

Emcom’s Area of Refuge System CSI Format SPECIFICATIONS

Emcom’s IP based Area of Refuge Solution provides locations with a simple but effective two-way communications system. Exceeding code compliance, the Emcom Master Station grants all the benefits of IP. Click here for a PDF overview of Emcom’s Area of Refuge System!

Key Components:


The BL1000 is an ADA compliant, full duplex intercom made of Kydex®. Give your next project a touch of modern with the BL1000’s LED back-lit front panel!

Cut Sheet
Installation Manual

Emcom Master Station

The Emcom Master Station is a state of the art VoIP area of refuge/two-way communications system, containing all software needed to route and answer calls.

Cut Sheet
Installation  Manual


The A500 is a fault notification device that provides notification of communication failure for critical applications such as Areas of Rescue and elevators.

Cut Sheet


          • Expandable IP Solution
          • NFPA 72 compliant
          • IBC Compliant
          • ADA Compliant
          • POE Endpoints
          • Emcom’s Fault Notification and Detection System
          • Touchscreen Emcom Master station
          • Paging functionality
          • Connect up to 75 endpoints