A&E Specifications: Hardware

ProductDescriptionCut Sheet A&E Specifications (PDF)A&E Specifications (Word)
A400Speaker with Blue LED BeaconCut Sheet PDF – A400Architectural Specifications A400 – PDFArchitectural Specifications A400 – Word
A401Standard Size Pole Mounting KitCut Sheet PDF – A401Architectural Specifications A401 – PDFArchitectural Specifications A401 – Word
A403Long-life blue LED beacon that serves as a location identifierCut Sheet PDF – A403Architectural Specifications A403 – PDFArchitectural Specifications A403 – Word
A405Blue LED Beacon Only – 7″ boxCut Sheet PDF – A405Architectural Specifications A405 – PDFArchitectural Specifications A405 – Word
A420Vandal-resistant, VoIP Public Address SpeakerCut Sheet PDF – A420N/AN/A
A421Tunnel Wall Mounting KitCut Sheet PDF – A421N/AN/A
A500Fault Notification DeviceCut Sheet PDF – A500N/AN/A
BL1000Fully integrated ADA compliant VoIP Point of Presence that satisfies the public need for assistance and/ or emergency communications.Cut Sheet PDF – BL1000N/AN/A
CWOCold Weather Option Running PoE for IP6000 (-40C)N/AN/AN/A
EM132Housed Ringer and Mounting Box AssemblyCut Sheet PDF – EM132Architectural Specifications EM132 – PDFArchitectural Specifications EM132 – Word
H300Stainless Steel Surface Mount Enclosure (Yellow Optional)Cut Sheet PDF- H300Architectural Specifications H300 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H300 – Word
H300EStainless Steel Surface Mount Enclosure with Internal Storage Tray (Yellow Optional)Cut Sheet PDF – H300EArchitectural Specifications H300E – PDFArchitectural Specifications H300E – Word
H300NLStainless Steel, Surface Mount Enclosure with Drip CapCut Sheet PDF – H300NLArchitectural Specifications H300NL – PDFArchitectural Specifications H300NL – Word
H302Rugged, stainless steel, surface mount non-hooded boxCut Sheet PDF – H302Architectural Specifications H302 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H302 – Word Doc
H302NLRugged, stainless steel, surface mount, non-hooded box without LetteringCut Sheet PDF – H302NLArchitectural Specifications H302NL – PDFArchitectural Specifications H302NL – Word
H303Stainless Steel Surface Mount Enclosure (Yellow Optional) with 45 degree Safety CapCut Sheet PDF – H303Architectural Specifications H303 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H303 – Word
H303SRugged, stainless steel, surface mount boxCut Sheet PDF – H303SArchitectural Specifications H303S – PDFArchitectural Specifications H303S – Word
H305Stainless Steel Door for H300 (Yellow Optional)Cut Sheet PDF – H305Architectural Specifications H305 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H305 – Word
H310Recessed In Wall Flush Mount Enclosure with Bezel for IP60XX family of phonesCut Sheet PDF – H310Architectural Specifications H310 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H310 – Word
H310NLStainless steel box for the Emcom family of hands-free and handset emergency assistance telephonesCut Sheet PDF – H310NLArchitectural Specifications H310NL – PDFArchitectural Specifications H310NL – Word
H320Stainless Steel Wall Mount Housing with integrated blue beaconCut Sheet PDF – H320Architectural Specifications H320 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H320 – Word Doc
H330Stainless Steel Pedestal Mount Housing with Integrated Blue BeaconCut Sheet PDF – H330Architectural Specifications H330 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H330 – Word
H331Stainless Steel Pedestal Mount Housing with Integrated Blue Beacon & PA SpeakerCut Sheet PDF – H331Architectural Specifications H331 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H331 – Word
H340Kydex™ Surface Mount Enclosure (color options available)Cut Sheet PDF – H340Architectural Specifications H340 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H340 – Word
H341Kydex™ Surface Mount Enclosure (color options available) with Blue Beacon (A402)Cut Sheet PDF – H341Architectural Specifications – H341 – PDFArchitectural Specifications – H341 – Word
H350Kydex™ Surface Mount Enclosure with Door (color options available)Cut Sheet PDF – H350Architectural Specifications H350 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H350 – Word
H351Kydex™ Surface Mount Enclosure with Door (color options available) and Blue Beacon (A402)Cut Sheet PDF – H351Architectural Specifications H351 – PDFArchitectural Specifications H351 – Word
IP1300Tunnel Trip Phone, Hardened VoIP Phone with Handset and Armored Cable (Hytrel cord optional)Cut Sheet PDF – IP1300Architectural Specifications IP1300 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP1300 – Word Doc
IP1300BTunnel Mounting Bracket for IP1300 w/TripCut Sheet PDF – IP1300BArchitectural Specifications IP1300B – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP1300B – Word
IP60001 Button Speakerphone, Hardened VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA CompliantCut Sheet PDF – IP6000Architectural Specifications IP6000 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6000 – Word
IP6000 AOGI1 Button Speakerphone with Green Button, Hardened VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA CompliantCut Sheet PDF – IP6000AOGIArchitectural Specifications I IP6000AOG -PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6000AOGI – Word
IP6000 CRugged, VOIP, Hands-Free Phone with CameraCut Sheet PDF –IP6000CArchitectural Specifications IP6000 C – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6000 C – Word
IP6000 SPIIP6000 for NYCT Safety Point, Hardened VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA CompliantCut Sheet PDF –IP6000 SPIArchitectural Specifications IP6000 SPI – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6000 SPI – Word
IP6000-2 (DSL)ADA compliant, hardened, vandal-resistant, full-duplex, intelligent, hands-free emergency assistance VoIP phone (built-in DSL interface)Cut Sheet PDF – IP6000-2 (DSL)Architectural Specifications IP6000-2 (DSL) – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6000-2 (DSL) – Word
IP60021 Button Speakerphone, Electronics Only, VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA CompliantCut Sheet PDF – IP6002Architectural Specifications IP6002 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6002 – Word
IP60102 Button Speakerphone, Hardened VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA CompliantCut Sheet PDF- IP6010Architectural Specifications IP6010 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6010 – Word
IP6030-0Auto Connect, No Keypad, Hardened VoIP Phone with Handset and Armored Cable (Hytrel cord optional)Cut Sheet PDF – IP6030-0Architectural Specifications IP6030-0 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6030-0 – Word
IP6030-1Keypad, Hardened VoIP Phone with Handset and Armored Cable (Hytrel cord optional)Cut Sheet PDF – IP6030-1Architectural Specifications IP6030-1 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6030-1 – Word
IP6030-15Head Jacks, Display, Keypad, Speaker Beacon, Hardened VoIP Phone with Handset and Armored Cable (Hytrel cord optional)Cut Sheet PDF- IP6030-15Architectural Specifications IP6030-15 – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6030-15 – Word
IP6030-1RHardened, vandal-resistant, stainless steel, VoIP, auto connect, sealed keypad phone, with Handset and Armored Cable (Hytrel cord optional).Cut Sheet PDF –IP6030-1RArchitectural Specifications IP6030-1R – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6030-1R – Word
IP6030-3HRHardened, vandal-resistant, intelligent, handset telephone that provides VoIP communications utilizing SIP.Cut Sheet PDF –IP6030-3HRArchitectural Specifications IP6030-3HR – PDFArchitectural Specifications IP6030-3HR – Word
IP6402Emcom Master Station, Windows Touch Screen Audio/Video Comm. PointCut Sheet PDF –IP6402N/AN/A
IP6500-2ADA compliant, hardened, vandal-resistant, full-duplex, intelligent hands-free emergency assistance phone that provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications utilising SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).Cut Sheet PDF – IP6500-2
IP8030-1RHardened, compact, stainless-steel, vandal-resistant, intelligent handset VoIP phone with adjustable volume and ADA compliant stainless steel keypad.Cut Sheet PDF –IP8030-1RN/AN/A
IP850-18Controller, Card Cage, and Power Supply for up to 18 of the IP6850Cut Sheet PDF –IP850-18N/AN/A
SA1010Audio Interface; gives connection point for all audio in/out at EmVista StationCut Sheet PDF – SA1010Architectural Specifications SA1010 – PDFArchitectural Specifications SA1010 – Word
SA1050Signal Handset Unit with phone (Note: can also use Plantronics Vista M22 series)Cut Sheet PDF – SA1050Architectural Specifications SA1050 – PDFArchitectural Specifications SA1050 – Word
SA2000Radio InterfaceCut Sheet PDF – SA2000Architectural Specifications SA2000 – PDFArchitectural Specifications SA2000 – Word