Software Solution Cutsheets

Product Name & PDF LinkDescription
EmVista Essential (PDF)EmVista Essential Edition is a COTS solution for emergency response environments with low call volume.
EmVista Extended (PDF)EmVista Extended Edition is a COTS solution for emergency/security/information environments with potentially significant call volume
EmVista Enterprise (PDF)EmVista Enterprise Edition is designed for multiple use case communications environments requiring custom features and advanced engineering design and installation support
EmVista Maintenance Station (PDF)EmVista Maintenance Station is a licensed Microsoft Windows desktop application used to inspect and maintain the EmVista Database
EmVista Report Viewer (PDF)EmVista Report Viewer is a Microsoft Windows desktop application that runs reports against the EmVista Database
Alert Communications (PDF)PACT provides Emvista Extended and Emvista enterprise the ability to notify response personnel of alarm conditions arising in the Emvista network
Video Integration Module (PDF)The EmVista Video Integration Module (VIM) provides EmVista Extended and EmVista Enterprise the ability to direct Genetec Security Center systems to display video from cameras associated with EmVista-managed phones onto Genetec displays associated with EmVista Agent Stations
Automated Testing Service (PDF)The EmVista Automatic SNMP Service for Endpoint Testing (ASSET) provides all EmVista editions (Essential, Extended, and Enterprise) with fault detection for all SNMP-compliant endpoint devices managed by an EmVista installation