Public Address Speaker with Blue LED Beacon
The A400 is a vandal-resistant Public Address speaker with location identification via a blue LED beacon light.

A400 Cutsheet
A400 A&E Specs
A400 Drawings


The A400 provides a vandal-resistant, Public Address, speaker capability with location identification via a blue light. It consists of a 15 watt submersible speaker and a long-life, blue LED beacon mounted to a stainless steel housing. The unit may be used standalone but is normally mounted in conjunction with an IP60XX family telephone which provides drive for the speaker and power and control to the blue beacon. The enclosure has four mounting holes for easy mounting to any flat surface or for use with an Emcom A401 Pole Mounting Kit.

  • All Stainless Steel
  • Wide Operating Temperature
  • High Output Speaker
  • 360° Beacon
  • 2 Year Warranty