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Blue light call stations, linked seamlessly via the EmVista head-end to police radio, private security and 911 dispatch, provide conspicuous evidence of enhanced security in public and private spaces.
Using emergency call stations with integrated video provides emergency responders with greater situational awareness by providing instant access to video and audio streams throughout a building or campus.
Emergency phones in rugged housings connected to Emcom Master Call Stations can be used to quickly summon help from security or staff at nurse stations -- as well as parking lots and garages on a medical campus. 
More than 3,800 endpoints, including Emcom emergency telephones,  connected to Emcom’s EmVista central head-end system and 30+ agent workstations increase traveler safety every day in New York City. 
Communications endpoints as well as headend solutions scaled to fit specific parking needs. Clients can integrate parking communications into the main headend and/or deploy small local master station(s) on-site.
Emcom is pioneering  VoIP communications to buses.  VoIP dispatch and  supervisor traffic as well as emergency communications and silent alarms are transmitted via cellular connections which allows bus transit operators to replace radio communications.
Emcom provides EmVista emergency communications headend systems, maintenance stations, agent stations and VoIP endpoints to some of the nation’s largest Transit Authorities.
ADA compliant “push for help” emergency endpoints with or without video, connect to supplied on-site Aurora master station(s).  Solutions can be integrated with larger EmVista headend system as required.

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