Agent Operated Gate Intercom
The IP6000 AOGI is a 1-Button Speakerphone with Green Button, Hardened VoIP, Hands Free, Full Duplex, ADA Compliant.

IP6000AOGI  Cut Sheet
IP6000AOGI  A&E Specs
IP6000 Series  Installation Manual


The IP6000 AOGI (Agent Operated Gate Intercom) is an ADA compliant, hardened, vandal-resistant, full-duplex, intelligent hands-free emergency assistance phone that provides VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) communications utilizing SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

The rugged stainless steel front panel with sealed speaker, microphone and activation button ensures long product life and provides assurance that vital calls will get through under the harshest of conditions. The IP6000 AOGI is programmed via a web browser or is remotely supervised, tested and programmed using an Emcom Systems’ EmVista Maintenance Station.

  • Full Duplex
  • Wide Operating Temp Range
  • 1.5” Tamper-Resistant Piezo Button
  • 2 Visual Call Indicators
  • Submersible Speaker
  • Metal Braille Plate Background Noise Reduction Using DSP
  • Remote Programming and Volume Adjust Via Web
  • Auxiliary Contact Closures
  • 3 Port IP Switch for Daisy Chaining
  • 2 Year Warranty