East Side Access

As part of the Long Island Railroad (LIRR) East Side Access (ESA) project, Emcom provided Passenger Emergency Telephones (PETs), Tunnel Emergency Telephones (TETs), and Blue Light Stations (BLS) as well as an adaptation of EmVista as the ESA Voice Communications System (VCS) head-end. In addition to engineering and development to meet the detailed specification, Emcom created extensive documentation to meet the project’s exacting submittals requirements and played an integral part in the design review process and project management.

The VCS EmVista includes interfaces to external radio, public address, and PBX systems as well as implementing call routing that cascades through multiple response centers according to LIRR business rules. VCS operators can communicate using a variety of audio interfaces including desk telephones, headsets, and desk microphones, and can listen to multiple audio sources, with independent volume controls, through headphones and speakers.